Use the simple form below to upload files to LRT Graphics.

Accepted Formats:

  •  .TIFF, .JPEG, .PSD (Photoshop)
    All files for print must be in CMYK mode and flattened. Apparel graphics must be in RGB mode and flattened.
  • .EPS, .PDF, .AI (Illustrator), .FH (Freehand)
    Convert all fonts to outlines and include all placed graphics in CMYK or Grayscale mode.
  • InDesign (.indd) & Quark (.qxd)
    Include ALL fonts and external linked files. Stuff or Zip the files into one file and upload it if possible.

These Files Are NOT Accepted:

  • Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Paint
    These programs do not create press-ready files and need to be converted to one of our accepted formats.

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