15 August 2013

Networking Groups like Young Professionals Organization are great – and we’ll tell you why!

Anyone in the professional arena will tell you that networking is an imperative aspect of any business. When it comes to networking it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what city you live in or what your general demographic is, it has no limits, it’s a necessary tool for EVERYONE. Really, it is. It is […]

Saying Goodbye to our Family: Chico customers say goodbye to Ryan Fiscus

Did you know that a man expected to live to age 78 will have lived a total of 683,760 hours. If he starts work at age 22 after college, works 37.5 hours per week until age 65 with three weeks’ vacation per year, he will work a total of 106,575 hours during his lifetime, or […]

17 April 2013

Is there value in face-to-face networking?

It seems like a silly question –  to ask if there’s value in face-to-face networking because there was a point in time when that was the only kind of networking available. Now we live in a high tech world full of facebook, twitter, skype, google’s hangout, linkedin etc. where it’s possible to meet, connect and build […]

27 March 2013

Create. Inspire. Innovate. Motivate.

Create. Inspire. Innovate. Motivate. These are important elements of the culture at LRT. Part of what makes LRT such a great place of business is its culture. Since this is a creative environment, there is a lot of room for creativity, spontaneity and fun right next to accomplishing our goals, hitting target project dates and […]